About HR Lab Audalia Nexia

Audalia Nexia was born in 1981 and provided services from different fields to companies, but it was in 2004 when it developed an area specialized in software to manage, select and develop human resources. Since then, our role as technological consultant and implanter has been very relevant.

We were the only ones who, in those years, were specialized in so an specific area: HR software. We were actual pioneers of it in Spain, since a commitment with managers of employees already existed in other countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom or Germany.

We currently belong to an ecosystem that has been growing up step by step and that is already finding its true added value on the boards of directors of medium and large companies. In fact, we are members of the Asociación de Directores de Recursos Humanos (Association of Heads of Human Resources; AEDRH, due to its meaning in Spanish), where we do our (technological) bit.

Thanks to that, we rank a position in market as one of the most experienced national teams in companies with different sizes and industries, what allows us to implement very nimbly technological solutions to manage, develop, maintain and attach talent.

Evidently, technology improves, and so does HR Lab. Since this division began, we have worked side by side with high software developers who are 100% specialized in HR. This support is nowadays provided by Cornerstone + Saba Software, the North American giant focused on talent digital solutions.

Today, and thanks to our experience, we provide our clients with the latest innovations, such as people analytics or artificial intelligence.