Learning and development

Offer new ways of learning

Ensure a completely different learning experience with different formats: social learning, informal, microlearning, video, etc… You will develop your people the way they like.

Build up a learning culture

Bring your people the skills needed to squeeze their development opportunities, no matter their career development status.

Contribute to the business

Support your business strategy by connecting training and development plans with your organisation objectives and performance.

Consolidate learning opportunities

Unify the learning for the external partners. External vendors or sales reps. might need learning or certification from your company.

Fosway, consultora referente europea de tecnología para los RR.HH. en su último 9 Grid para selección de personal, posiciona a TalentLink como Strategic Challenger. Esto se debe a sus fuertes capacidades y a la habilidad de cubrir las necesidades cambiantes que plantea el mercado laboral día a día.

To lose a good employee can be a serios business setback: finding the right one again, opportunity cost, business culture, specific training, etc….

Generate employee-company engagement by developing his/her skills and competencies, based on personal and professional objectives. Thus, you can associate his learning to his development, and they would not want to leave.

It is so important to provide them with the right tools, the adequate content in the appropriate time. Technology can help you to achieve all this.

El empleado disfruta de una muy buena experiencia formativa.

Excellent learning experience

Doesn’t your learning strategy consolidate?

Provide a friendly learning platform where the employee can find the content interesting and relevant for him/her.

Each person will have its own learning catalogue, and you will optimise your efforts using the learning analytics the system provides with all the clicks your employees do.

El sistema asocia la formación del empleado con sus objetivos.

Learning tied to career development

Do you feel that the learning you offer to your employees does not adjust to their real needs?

Come along with your employees to define their career plan, to identify their needs among a complete competencies catalogue.

Later you’ll develop a skills assessment and measure their advances, to detect the areas where conduct a greater development effort.

El sistema impulsa la formación del empleado apoyándose en sus compañeros.

Social Learning

Do you really think that all the knowledges a person gets, comes from formal learning?

Make your learning plan a social event, so people can share and comment all their knowledge, formal and  informal.

You will achieve new approaches never expected, and your teams will work more cohesively.

El sistema extiende la formación a sus partners.

Extended Enterprise

Is it difficult that your external partners get the same level of knowledge than your internal teams?

It happens every time an organisation has an extended network of partners, as for instance, insurance companies, which need that all their insurance brokers and sales agents have a deep knowledge of all its products.

It is critical that they follow the right learning and certification processes.

El sistema conduce la formación del empleado en base a sus intereses gracias a la inteligencia artificial

Learning with AI

Can you offer to your employees the learning they really need?

Everything an employee does within the system is registered, objectives, career plans, learning, job roles,…. So, the AI can predict which content is appropriate for each employee.

El sistema tiene un espacio donde encontrar contenidos formativos de terceros.

Content Marketplace

Do you need learning contents and do not know where to find a really good one?

With our system you have access to the content you need, from either generalist and specialist providers, and include them in your learning portal. 

OpenSesame, LinkedIn Learning, Skillsoft, Harvard MangerMentor, DDI, Udemy, Guofox, GetAbstract, and others, are already integrated with Cornerstone + Saba.

When do you want to start?