Career development.
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Prepare your people for the future

Focus your learning strategy on skills development, a learning system to support employees while achieve their objectives.

Manage competencies

Align skills and competencies with each role, so your employees can determine their development needs to climb up their career. You’ll make them leaders of their own development.

Generate engagement

Boost your employees engagement by making them leaders of their own professional career, and providing them the tools needed to achieve its goals.

El sistema cuenta con amplio catálogo de competencias a desarrollar por cada empleado y así ofrecer una formación a la medida de sus necesidades reales.

Competencies catalogue

To create a competencies catalogue can be very complex, deciding which ones include without giving too much or too little, the development levels associate to each one, etc.,

Make it easier using the wide competencies catalogue Cornerstone + Saba includes in the system, make sure you include the relevant ones, with all development elements.

Help your employees to understand what is expected from them, and when, as long as the competencies they need to reinforce to achieve success of their career development.

El sistema adapta la formación en base a la planificación de la carrera de cada empleado.

Career plan

Cornerstone + Saba allows employee to define their personalised career path, identify which roles they would like to play at short, medium and long term. This helps them understand the way learning and development can influence in their professional growth.

With Cornerstone + Saba’s Careers Development, employees get intelligent recommendations (AI again) about courses, contents, internal vacancies and experts to contact to, while moving ahead on their selected career.

El sistema es capaz de evaluar el avance en las competencias de cada empleado en base a la formación que recibe.

Skills evaluation

The system evaluates the employee competencies related to their current and desired new roles.

It also evaluates the level of each competency, with a 1 to 5 scale, and offers specific actions for development.

El sistema es capar de reconocer el mejor mentor para cada empleado en base a su plan de carrera.


Thanks to AI, the system will recommend mentors to employees, regarding their professional objectives. These mentors are employees which have shown expertise in a certain competency or area.

Then, the employee has the option to contact to these experts, and has the chance to have a mentor, a coach, or just learn informally from them, in accordance with the learning strategy defined.

El sistema muestra al empleado las listas de tareas para alcanzar sus objetivos de carrera.

To do list for career development

Employees have the option to create to do list for their own career development: choose the right competencies to develop, add objectives and goals, and select the learning modules relevant to them.

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