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Generate engagement

With a learning portal completely personalised for each employee, based on each one’s unique learning needs, interests and objectives, each employee can access to his/her own contents anytime, anywhere.

Lead your people

Use machine learning to predict your employee’s performance and get recommendations to lead them through your learning strategy.

Link learning to results

Analytics connect learning to your objectives, and helps you to improve employee’s performance

El sistema se adapta a las necesidades formativas de cada empleado

Bespoke Learning Portal

Each team member will access to his/her own panel with information relevant to him/her.

Cornerstone + Saba me:time is a self-directed learning portal which personalises the learning experience.

It offers to each person the possibility to explore many contents relevant to him/her, in accordance with their own interest and the Company too. It includes recommendations based on declared preferences, so each employee can use it to plan its own learning route.

En un único porta, los empleados encontrarán todo lo que necesitan en cuanto a formación y desarrollo

One single portal

Cornerstone + Saba offers a great content repository, high quality content, for you to offer to your employees.

Our content gateway enriches the learning experience, providing access to several content sources -recognised external webs, internal experts from your own company and a network of connected partners such as LinkedIn Learning, SkillSoft, Harvard ManageMentor, or get Abstract, among others.

Everything from one single site, keeping a centralised learning report.

Cada empleado tiene su único perfil, lo que le permite al sistema hacerle recomendaciones sobre diferentes cursos en base a sus preferencias.

Unique learning profile

You can stablish a single learning profile per employee and have all the learning historic information in one site.

People can learn anywhere anytime, knowing that everything they do for development is put on records.

El sistema le permite al empleado marcar los cursos y contenidos más relevantes para ello.

Learning Bookmarklet

It includes the possibility to select favourite content (web bookmarklets), providing access to a whole new world of learning.

With one click, employees can follow and share any content they find interesting (videos, documents, reports, online courses, blogs, etc…) and include this element in their personal learning plan.

El sistema es capaz de aportar información de uso gracias a su analítica.

Learning analytics

With all the data generated through employees learning experience, you can prepare generic scorecards or personalised reports.

Cornerstone + Saba helps you to identify trends and to find the business impact of the employee’s learning and development experiences. There are a good number of standard reports, but you can also create your own KPIs very easily.

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