Learning with AI.
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Personalise each employee experience

It adapts to every person. Employees access to a personalised platform to find the knowledge they need anytime.

Boost development

Each employee can choose among a wide set of contents, based in his/her objectives, career preferences o competencies, which help them with professional development.

Capitalise Talent

Now you can identify your Company’s key capabilities and offer them to all employees. Contact among professionals is more accessible and faster than ever.

Me:time es la plataforma de aprendizaje basada en inteligencia artificial

me:time, the bespoke learning portal

Our intelligent solution detects each employee interest using our TIM (The Intelligent Mentor) and machine learning. Then you can offer to each person his/her preferred content in terms  of objectives and development goals.

As employees find relevant content so often, it’s easy for them to integrate this learning on to everyday activities.

El sistema planea una serie de acciones concretas al empleado para el desarrollo de competencias.

Specific actions for personal development

We use TIM to evaluate employees competencies to development level,  to offer the employee those specific actions to speed development.

El sistema en base a las competencias que tiene que adquirir el empleado le ofrece los cursos que más se adaptan.

Competences management

With AI, the system can identify, considering career preferences, those competencies more relevant per employee, and offer contents to support his/her development.

El sistema puede realizar recomendaciones de diferentes mentores dependiendo en qué momento de su desarrollo profesional se encuentre cada empleado.


AI uses information about career objectives to recommend mentors to an employee. These mentors are also employees who have been considered expert in some area or competency.

Also, employees get information about internal vacancies related to their profile, to speed their professional development.

Communities of experts

Would you like to get in touch with other areas of your organisation which are developing objective like yours? Now it is possible to contact automatically with experts in learning communities. Give visibility to an employee knowledge and competencies so the whole organisation can benefit.

Puedes dar visibilidad a los conocimientos y competencias de un empleado para que toda la organización se beneficie.

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