Social learning.
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Improve learning

Develop a social learning experience allowing your employees to collaborate. They can ask questions and share their own ideas about any issue.

Build up communities

Connect your teams no matter where they are located, so they can learn from each others.

Create a feedback-based culture

Help your employees to grow and develop, fostering horizontal comments and recognition

El sistema es capaz de generar una comunidad de empleados donde puedan compartir contenidos e interactuar como una red social.


Provide a site for your employees to share and comment materials in any format – documents, links, videos, …- so they can ask questions and learn from each other.

You will not only boost learning from an informal prism, but also consolidate teams from different departments.

El sistema puede generar espacios de trabajo donde sus miembros pueden compartir y organizarse para lograr los objetivos de cada grupo.

Social sites

Communities and collaborative learning generate great number of contents and is often difficult to find the needed information, because last in content will be shown first.

To ensure everybody has access to the needed content, team leaders can create sites to filter and promote contents. It is also possible to publish general Company knowledge or resources.

Los grupos es la mejor forma de adaptar tu organización a los nuevos entornos AGILE


Looking for a more Agile organisation, companies are moving towards more collaborative environment and teams, also called tribes, with several functions or departments involved in each project.

With Cornerstone + Saba you can create public or private teams for members to share resources, comment ideas and participate on collaborative learning.

Los empleados pueden organizar todos los contenidos por colecciones y después compartirlo si lo desean.


Employees can create content collections, organise it, filter it and share it with colleagues. With content we mean both internal learning and any other external learning resource.

With a click, team leaders or managers can insert relevant content to share with their people, to align individuals towards team goals.

Los empleados pueden mantener sus reuniones en el mismo espacio donde organizan su trabajo en grupo.


Connect communities or teams with Cornerstone + Saba’s online meetings, virtual classrooms and webinars.

You will facilitate real time interactions, voice and video, sharing screens and recording sessions for later view.

El sistema es capaz de facilitar informes que recogen el aprendizaje por grupos y comunidades.

Collaborative learning analytics and reports

Cornerstone + Saba keeps track of every activity, including contributions, comments, likes and evaluations. With the predefined reports, managers can understand their people engagement with their own development, which is critical for some communities or events, like on-boarding, for example.

You can also measure the impact of collaborative learning on performance. Through Cornerstone + Saba’s  DNA (Dynamic Network Analysis) you can identify key contributors  and understand how information flows across your organisation.

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