People analytics

Implement a tool to measure HR

Implement a tool to join HR and business. You will make HR department more visible, among some other functions which traditionally have more clout.

Access to a balanced scorecard

Navigate through data  with an HR environment specifically designed for people managers, with HR KPIs, created by HR expert consultants.

Measure my HR Politics

Measure the impact of your HR decisions, without losing any data among thousands of them.

Optimise HR efforts

Conduct the identified changes in your HR programs and foster those which are really working well.

Everyday data are more important than the day before, in decision making process. A good analytic system provides you with the most useful KPIs for your business.

Regarding to HR, allow your company to learn from current data and run development or strategic initiatives

Audalia HRLab facilitates HR data analysis, clear and visual. Thanks to the proved KPIs you will be able to start initiatives in your HR department and measure their impact on people and business.

El sistema muestra las métricas más importantes en el panel.

KPIs and dashboards

Do you manage a great amount of data and statistics without any conclusion?

Thanks to the KPIs Audalia HRLab proposes, you will get a general perspective of your organisation, from different points of views, as Management, Recruiting or Talent.

The integration possibilities, and our experience and knowledge, allows to organise data in a simple way, making them understandable for people with no IT specialization, in order to take relevant decisions for our company.

El software de analítica para RRHH es capaz de analizar datos de varios sistemas distintos.

Implementation and integration

Is it difficult to understand what is going on, because data come from multiple systems?

Audalia HRLab manages multiple HR processes, for multiple companies. The only truth is that all of those processes manage lots of data.

We are able to connect HR and business thanks to the agile integration of HR systems and business management tools.

El sistema realiza un análisis social interno para conocer como interactúan los empleados e identifica líderes.

Internal social analysis

Would you like to know who you can lean on to boots changes in your organisation?

Continuous coaching and feedback are critical for performance assessment. Bring those performance conversations to real life, facilitating employees and managers the skills and tools needed to collaborate.

You will boost their performance so they will achieve their personal and professional goals.

Adaptamos la potencia de Power BI de Microsoft a la medición de los recursos humanos.

Power BI for HR

Is your tool too sealed, and do not have power enough to analyse all the data sources you need?

Power BI is an analysis service to present business KPIs in a very clear and intuitive way. We transform data into visual panels to be shared with the different business areas through a very reliable and powerful tool.

Our aim is to facilitate human resources data analysis and to present it visual and clearly.

When do you want to start?