Internal social analysis.

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You can provide them with a tailored employee experience. Both for development and learning, you can provide the best experience in any step of the employee Journey.

Boost engagement

Provide your employees tailored opportunities for development, no matter where they are located.

Improve learning, development and recruitment.

Support HR decisions with data connected to business results. Develop your own informed and successful recruitment and talent programs.

El sistema recoge todas las interacciones de los empleados y las analiza para entregar informe que den una vision social a los departamentos de RRHH

Internal social analysis

Thanks to DNA (Dynamic Network Analysis) you can visually study the relationship among employees, based on social interactions, the way they share knowledge, attend events and  individual or team activity.

You have the opportunity to boost your teams in a certain direction with contents relevant to them, which inspire them. This content could be a recommendation, courses collections, etc

El sistema realiza comparativas por sectores con otras empresas.

Cornerstone + Saba benchmark

To use Cornerstone + Saba, a global HR system which develops more than 33 mill. people worldwide, you will have access to comparatives within your industrial sector.

You will receive recommendations and trends to foster employee’s effectiveness and engagement.

This system fulfils the GDPR, because data are anonymous and aggregated. You won’t recognise any companu, data are shown by regions or industrial sectors.

El sistema es capaz de identificar a los empleados más influyentes gracias a las interacciones que se realizan en la herramienta.

Identify your influencers

The system is able to track interactions from every employee, and analyse them to identify influence leaders.

This because the is a quotation the system assigns to each employee, in accordance with their level of engagement.

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