KPIs and dashboards.
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Follow your KPIs

Review your HR KPIs to identify possible variance and generate alerts to report when one KPI goes beyond limits.

Only access to the information relevant to you.

Thanks to the tool role’s management, each user will only be able to access the relevant information for him/her.

Real time

Minute to minute, you can follow your projects evolution and their impact.

Las métricas que te aporta el sistema te ayudará a la hora de tomar la decisión correcta.

Manage your talent

Analise your employee’s performance in one click.

Get retention data and analyse several variables which can impact on unexpected employee leaves.

Review competencies data of those department which need some focus.

Control your learning expenses and compare the number of hours for online learning with classroom learning

El sistema facilita un cuadro de mandos integral para ver e identificar todo lo que ocurre en los RR.HH. de una organización.

Manage your Human Resources

Dentro de los KPIs de gestión podemos encontrar una visión general de nuestra empresa como puede ser Headcoun, edad media por departamento.

Gracias a nuestras posibilidades de filtrado, podrás analizar los KPIs seleccionados desde un punto de vista global y profundizar dicho análisis.

Los KPIs que más interés pueden generar son:

Together with management KPIs we can find  a general view of our company, as Headcount, medium age by department, etc.

Thanks to our strong filtering features, you can analyse selected KPIs from a global perspective and go deeper.

The more interesting KPIs usually are:

  • Forced/voluntary turnover
  • Frequency index
  • Salary comparison
  • Seniority
  • Diversity
Gracias a la analítica podrás identificar el modelo de selección que mejor se adapta a tu empresa.

Measure your recruitment models

Deliver a deep analysis of each phase of your recruitment process.

One of the most demanded recruitment KPIs is Time to Hire, analysing each recruitment source and the seniority of the hired candidates.

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