Power BI for HR.
Are you ready?


Microsoft is one of the software market leaders, and is developing its own measure tool long time ago. It’s a cloud based tool, with high quality standards and security.


Power BI is a system open to other ones outside Microsoft universe, it is able to generate statistics from any other system.


Power BI does not sleep. The analytic is available 24/7, constantly actualises data in real time. What you see is what going on this exact moment.

Los análisis a medida con una cuidad interfaz permite aportar una experiencia de usuario inmejorable.

User experience

Panels designed by Audalia HRLab take your attention due to its easy of use and understanding.  It will become a critical tool for your decision making process.

Gracias a su app para tablet y smartphone, la analítica esta disponible desde cualquier dispositivo y lugar.

Accessible from everywhere

You will be able to access your Power BI panels from any device, take notes into your KPIs and share them with your colleagues in real time.

Al usar PowerBI para los recursos humanos, el sistema se integra con otras herramientas digitales, cruzando la información de recursos humanos y de negocio.

Integration and updates

Thanks to Power BI you will easily integrate data from several tools.

Our optimise data models assure information reliability, fast to show, avoiding the user to conduct complicated calculations to present to Board of Directors.

Configuration features vary between select the data sources to select KPIs update frequency.

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