Perform and coaching

Nurture performance with learning

Get your employees achieve their objectives, improve their skills and develop their careers with a learning integrated within your talent strategy.

Align personal goals to strategy

Get objectives to respond to the business strategy and assure your employees are focused to the relevant results.

Boost proactive feedback

Reinforce your employee’s engagement with a proactive feedback culture, coaching and recognition

Generate flexible performance processes

Activate renewed competencies and fluid performance processes to answer the “agile” needs of your business.

Very often, performance management processes do not fulfil employee’s or company expectations. Annual traditional performance appraisals, which give more important to measure itself than to employee’s development, do not contribute to consolidate a success business culture.

But you can do it better, your employees deserve it.

Cornerstone + Saba brings to your employees and managers the best tools and technology for a continuous proactive feedback for development, so you can consolidate a high- performance culture, relevant to each employee and to the Company. Agile performance evaluation systems allow individuals and teams to create their own development experience, consistent with the Company goals.

El sistema ayuda a los equipos de RRHH y managers a realizar las evaluaciones de los empleados según sus objetivos.

Objectives appraisal

Do you really know if your employees understand and achieve their objectives?

Provide your manager with the tools and techniques they need to define their employee’s goals and set up clear and measurable objectives, relevant for the Company.

Get your employees to commit to a cooperative culture which shows their contribution to the global objective.

El software ayuda a realizar unas evaluaciones continuas y ha realizar el seguimiento de las mismas.

Continuous feedback and coaching

Do you think that one single evaluation per year is enough to accompany employees to their goal’s achievement?

Provide managers and employees with a simple, interactive and centralised way to collaborate and fulfil goals and objectives, provide significant feedback and face career opportunities.

You will find your people motivated and engage with the Company.

El sistema recibe el feedback de los empleados y les guía en su carrera profesional en la empresa gracias al coaching.

Feedback and coaching

Do all your employees move at the same speed, or do they need a personalised support?

Continuous coaching and feedback are critical for performance evaluation. Bring performance conversations to real life, facilitating to managers and employees the tools and skills to collaborate.

Boost their performance to make them achieve their personal and professional goals.

El sistema esta optimizado para la realización de la revisión del desempeño en organizaciones AGILE.

Agile performance assessments

Do traditional people management models adjust to the new changing environment?

Transform your traditional performance appraisal program to a continuous, collaborative, strategical new one.

With Cornerstone + Saba you can create a high-performance culture with aligned employees engaged to achieve excellent results.

El sistema ayuda a los departamentos de recursos humanos ha realizar las evaluaciones de competencias.

Competencies assessment

Do you know what each employee needs?

Reinforce business engagement and excellence in your Company, with Cornerstone + Saba Competencies Model.

Practical, innovative, based in state-of-the- art researches, this competency model assures that your employees are aligned to develop the right skills for your business strategy.

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