Agile performance assesment.
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Review your processes

Align, involve and enable your employees with performance assessment which challenge them to their maximum potential.

Integrate learning and performance

Identify learning and development opportunities to foster performance.

Save time and resources

Save value time managing the performance management process with an automated and flexible workflow

Collect relevant data

Support your company strategic decisions about Talent providing real time access to employee’s performance data.

El sistema es capaz de seguir unos flujos de trabajo específicos, así como de crear formularios para cada rol.

Workflow and forms generator

Easily generate an automated workflow for any of your performance management processes, and configure the assessment forms you need.

Use data from competencies, job descriptions, objectives and development progress, and any open question you were using in your Talent strategy.

El manager puede calificar a los empleados con escalas de rendimiento específicas.

Flexible scales and scores

Assess and develop your employees to achieve their better performance. With Cornerstone + Saba you can choose your own assessment scenario, those measurement scales, rates and scores more suitable to your business.

Los managers recibirán consejos gracias a la inteligencia artificial.

Tips and hints for managers

Sometimes managers need a little help to fulfil the performance assessment form, or just a bit of inspiration to decide what to say and how.

Cornerstone + Saba has incorporated content with this purpose, to help managers evaluate and develop their people.

El sistema relaciona todas las actividades sobre el desempeño de cada empleado.

Integrate all performance related activities

During the year, employees and managers dedicate time to activities related with objectives and performance reviews. Cornerstone. + Saba allows you to unify all this effort in one site, so you can reuse it during the performance reviews.

El sistema gestiona todos los feedback de los empleados.

Employees feedback

Use all the possibilities Cornerstone + Saba provides to collect your employee’s feedback -including 360º-any time during de performance management process.

The objective is to provide managers with a complete image of each employee’s contributions, performance and development.

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