Competencies assessment.
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Skills which differentiate

Align key competencies with your company strategic priorities

Develop skills for success

Attract, develop and retain the required skills to achieve your business objectives

Professional development to drive engagement

Increase your employee’s engagement providing learning and development activities focus on professional success

Boost a high-performance culture

Design and implement a high-performance culture, learning and development driven,  to retain your key employees.

El sistema ofrece un amplio listado de competencia para que sea más fácil la asociación de las mismas a cada empleado.

Competencies catalogue

With an easy to understand language and clear descriptions oriented to action, our competencies catalogue provides clarity and common environment for managers and employees. They can understand what is expected from them, and what is best valued as part of the company culture.

Cornerstone + Saba includes a ready to use competencies catalogue which can help you to start in case you do not have one already. Edit the skills and modify whatever you need to align them with your organisation values and culture.

El sistema tiene la capacidad de configurar escalas de evaluación a la medida de la organziación.

Flexible measurement scales

A good skills management system allows employees and managers to easily identify and communicate about current performance and which is needed to improve it.

Use the measurement scales Cornerstone + Saba includes, or develop your own ones, to ensure your managers and employees know where they are and what needs to be done.

El sistema muestra una serie de consejos y recursos para los manager, para que impulsen mejor a sus empleados.

Hits and tips for managers

Help your managers with tips and hints, comments to improve the quality of their competencies assessment. You can use those included by Cornerstone + Saba or develop your own ones.

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