Continuous feedback and coaching.
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Improve your performance conversations

Bring your managers an easy tool where they can connect, share, celebrate, keep focus and business alignment

Boost business relationship

Build up stronger relationship between managers and employees, as long as provide visibility to the  effect that learning and development activities have on performance.

Generate engagement to success

Foster a better employee’s performance and boost business results, with a stronger engagement, and retention and productivity improvements.

El sistema propone unos facilitadores de conversaciones para las evaluaciones manager-empleado.

Conversation facilitators

Benefit Cornerstone + Saba’s experience in performance appraisal to help managers to build up stronger relationship with their employees, and foster open and bidirectional communication.

There are tips and hints, and predefined open questions to start and give relevance to a conversation.

Use Cornerstone + Saba’s wide competencies catalogue to ensure you are including all the relevant questions, and all the development elements for each one.

El sistema ayuda a los manager y recursos humanos a realizar un seguimiento de los objetivos y asociarlo a sus objetivos.

Objectives follow on, learning and development

Managers and employees can control the objectives status and development activities progress, identify obstacles, celebrate success and do real time adjustments during their meetings.

This continuous and collaborative approach strengthen managers and employees accountability, engagement to success and offers continuous opportunities to maximise learning and development.

Las reuniones de seguimiento quedan registradas con las notas de la misma.

Agenda and meeting notes

With automated 1:1 meeting agendas, employees and managers can assure they give the right importance to objectives, skills and learning, beyond the everyday urgent issues.

You can access to the agenda anytime anywhere. It captures all new elements and tracks the previous ones, with the adequate alarms. Because in every meeting you can take notes, set up alarms, assign tasks and activities, etc.

El sistema muestra la analítica del rendimiento y desarrollo de los objetivos.

Analytics and reports

HR Director and Area Director can track performance appraisal processes. They can know the stage every manager is and provide support when needed.

The reports (easy to access and to understand) show, for instance, the frequency a manager meets his/her employees, so you can measure the impact of these 1:1 meetings on the engagement, performance and retention rate.

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