Feedback and coaching.
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Generate relevant conversations

Better conversations with your people, anywhere, anytime.

Get real-time feedback

You can provide performance feedback in a 1:1 meeting or make it public to share recognition with other members of the organisation team.

Boost and review feedback

Get feedback during all year, through different appraisal sessions, to ensure a global picture of your employees performance.

Boost and review feedback

Impulse and register in real time the feedback that managers , colleagues, employees, leaders and HR teams do about each employee performance , to keep track in a single centralised system.

El feedback se puede compartir para generar una cultura del coaching.

Share Feedback

Easily share feedback about employee’s performance, to ensure a continuous coaching culture. Configure the Feedback feature to integrate it with Company culture, values and priorities. So everyone can access and develop, recognise and reward employees in a significant and personal way.

El sistema es capaz de gestionar las conversaciones de solicitud de feedback.

Request feedback

Sometimes, employees do not get the feedback they need it, so Cornerstone + Saba gives them the opportunity to request feedback to their managers or colleagues. About general issues or about a particular project, employees can use Cornerstone + Saba to focus their next steps and achieve their maximum potential.

El sistema realiza encuestas personalizadas a los empleados para conocer su opinión.

Personalised surveys

Benefit from feedback data in real time to assess the implementation of talent programs, and how they are impacting in the employee’s development. Provide information to area managers so they can consolidate or modify several elements.

El sistema recoge todos los feedback de los empleados y genera un informe con la información analizada.

Analytics and reports about feedback

Feedback reports and other employees perception allow managers and team leaders to understand who shares comments, who receives them, and identify additional opportunities for learning and recognition.

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