Objectives appraisal.
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Define clear and aligned goals

 Link individual objectives to business, so your people will always have clear expectations and evidences of their job value.

Foster accountability

Use performance appraisal conversations and feedback to make sure employees are not only going to achieve their objectives, but also to exceed expectations.

Manage and adjust goals

Conduct a close follow on, negotiate and adjust goals in real time. Make sure all your people are moving towards success.


You will have to adapt individual and Company goals to changing business priorities.

Es sistema fija los objetivos de cada empleado alineándolos con los de la empresa.

Business Objectives

Determine significant individual objectives (learning impulsed and aligned with Company priorities), which contribute to achieve organisational goals.

El sistema mide y muestra la evolución de cada empleado en la consecución de sus objetivos.

Measure evolution

Managers and employees can regularly review the objectives achievement, to assure continuous progress and celebrate success during the whole year.

El manager y el empleado puede revisar los sus objetivos.

Review objectives

Things change. Review and easily modify objectives to assure employees are focused in the right elements at the right time; achieving key business results.

El sistema muestra a los manager y recursos humanos una completa analítica sobre como se comportan los objetivos.

Analytics and reports

Get instant information about objective’s progress and the alignment of your organisation, with real time reports. Managers can easily see the contribution of their individuals and teams and identify any barrier to success. Executives have real time visibility of the organisation objectives progress, so they can easily do adjustments when needed.

En base a los objetivos fijados, el sistema es capaz de asignar un coach y guiar a los empleados por su desarrollo.

Coaching and feedback

We are proud to present you TIM -The Intelligent Mentor- Cornerstone + Saba’s AI robot. TIM improves performance by making recommendations for relevant learning, contents and potential mentors. TIM also uses real time data to make intelligent development plans for individuals and teams.

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