Boost your recruitment strategy

All your recruitment processes in one place

Forget about excels and optimise your time and your teams with your company portal, 100% selection driven. Both recruiters and managers will get it easier than ever.

Hire faster

Reduce your time to hire with more agile and shorter processes. You’ll increase your vacancies visibility and will move on effortless with our automation features.

Automate processes

System will identify the best candidates so you can focus on the right ones. Thanks to 100% configurable automatisms, our solution will bring you a list of the most adequate candidates.

Build up your employer branding

When working with a solution focused on candidate experience, your branding will stand out from others. You can save resources and time when hiring new employees.

Fosway, HR technology European consulting reference , allocates  TalentLink as Strategic Challenger in its last 9 Grid for Selection and recruitment. Just because TalentLink’s strong features and the possibility to satisfy the changing needs in our everyday business environment.

Finding the perfect employee can be an impossible mission. You have to make your company attractive to him/her.

Boost your employer branding with an unbeatable candidate experience. You will get that they want to work with you even before posting a vacancy. Thus, you can use shorter and more efficient recruitment processes.

When you have a new hire, prepare carefully his/her onboarding process and foster their development through an open and constant communication process, employee centred.

Sistema de gestión de diferentes procesos de selección.

Selection process management

Are you lost among your selection processes and progress slower than you need?

Unify all your recruitment process in a single site, while control all vacancies published in all portals. Speed up all your processes.

You’ll have a unique and simplify view of the state of all your selection process and access any information you might need.

Sistema de gestión de la relación con el candidato.

Candidate Relationship Management

Do you feel you know nothing about candidates which applied in the past?

Stay on “top of mind” to work with all your current and past candidates, maintaining a fluid, constant and personalised communication with them all.

Boost your employer branding while apply marketing strategies and technique,s and you will be a priority for your audiences.

Sistema para la gestión de la incorporación de un nuevo empleado.


Does your new employee feel lost while waiting to join the company, once he/she has accepted the job  offer?

Empower your employees since the very first moment, leading them through the onboarding process, the first step in the talent management process.

Automate all those processes which do not bring value and provide your new employees with everything they need to make their first day memorable.

Sistema para la selección de personal en redes sociales.

Recruit through social networks

Maybe you are not looking for your candidate in the right place.

Reduce your time to hire by looking for your talent where the talent is: social networks. Go beyond the limits of job portals and your own career site.

Modernize your recruitment sources and the selection function itself, and you will develop shorter, more agile and optimal selection processes.           

Sistema para el análisis de las políticas de selección de personal.


What part of your process you can improve to enhance your selection division?

Manage your strategy though data. But the problem is that sometimes we are immerse in an ocean of data, and excel does not classify it.

As your solution works, it will collect and order information and make it visible to you, so you can optimize the selection function

Sistema de gestión de procesos de selección para agencias de selección de personal.

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

As a Recruitment Consulting Firm, or Temporary Recruitment Agency (TEA), would you like your selection processes to become more profitable?

We offer to you the most innovative technology to provide the best service to your clients, with different specialized spaces adapted to each of them.

This solution is being used by many selection consulting firms already

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