Candidate relationship management.
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Accelerate your sources of candidates

Use machine learning and smart semantic tools to find the most suitable candidates

Optimize your budgets

Evaluate and compare results from all your candidate’s sources to optimise your investment. With recommendations based on information collected by the system.

Foster your employer branding

Develop your employer brand considering all your communication with the market. Use different sites and methods to show to the world what is like to work in your company.

Relate with your candidates

Take care of candidate journey as Marketing would do with its clients. Generate engagement with your target candidates through relevant content and customized communications.

El sistema es capaz de centralizar todas sus vacantes en un único entorno y publicarlo en diferentes plataformas gracias al multiposting.

Search for your candidates through different platforms

The system looks for the perfect candidate in all candidates’ sources, fast and easily, using semantic searches, passive candidates etc.

Because these recruitment sources are both internal and external.

El sistema impulsa tus procesos de selección como los hace marketing. Crea y ejecuta campañas de selección.

Campaign management

Focus your recruitment campaign as marketing professionals would do. You will have all your efforts to recruit new talent in one single site.

You will generate customized campaigns, geared towards the talent you are looking for. Include all your active and passive candidates through all your channels, and impact them with relevant content.

Later, measure the performance of your campaigns with customized panels and  optimize your future campaigns.

Gestiona todas tus ofertas de empleo desde un único espacio.

Job offers management

video features, you will create more compelling offers.

You can also automate the publication of your job vacancies through different channels with one click

El sistema ayuda al departamento de recursos humanos a gestionar su portal de carreras sin necesidad de tener conocimientos de programación.

Career Sites Management

Foster your employer branding and create a compelling “Join the team” page. You will easily change the contents.

Boost conversion rates, from visitor to candidate, using chatbots to solve questions and doubts in real time.

As system registers everything so the analytics will help you to optimize your careers site

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