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Increase engagement

Lead your new employee since the job offer acceptance and he/she won’t feel lost or abandoned. Provided them with the content they need, and they are anxious to see.

Protect your investment in recruitment

Each selection process implies an investment which we lose sometimes, because new employee changes his mind. Make it profitable providing the new employee a 360 degrees onboarding experience

Take out his/her potential faster

Reach his/her productive top before it’s usual, by accompanying the new employee always. Provide them the tools and the information they need, and they will bring the best of himself long before.

Boost your employer brand

A robust onboarding program brings trust, alignment and productivity. Use this onboarding process to evidence your company strengths.

Gracias a los flujos de trabajo personalizados, el reclutador sólo se tiene que centrar en las personas y no en los procesos automatizables que no aportan valor.

Easily configurable workflows

With this workflow configuration you ensure that all the activities related to the new hire are properly done.

You can automate all activities which don’t bring value, as the bureaucratic side of a contract signing or sending the relevant information during the first days in the Company.

El sistema es capaz de incluir contenidos dinámicos y que se ajustan a la medida de cada candidato.

Customized content

Develop a relevant hiring experience and you will engage the new employee since the very first moment. You can help him/her to assimilate the new situation and he can understand his role in the company. If you offer customized content to him/her, you will decrease your dropout rates.

Integra toda la información de los candidatos en un único lugar haciendo un repositorio completo.

Information repository

Provide a repository with all the relevant information a new employee needs, and nurture it with questions, answers and employees advices. You’ll not only connect better to your new employee, but he/she will feel part of the team since the first day at work.

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