Find your candidate wherever he/she is.
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Ensure the right candidate

Use AI and big data to identify candidates through social networks, those people who have the right knowledge, experience and skills you are looking for, even when they are not actively finding a job.

Develop your employer branding

Communicate with potential candidates identified through social networks. Always under DGPR basis.

Speed your recruitment processes

Significantly reduce the duration of your recruitment process, while giving time to your recruiters to provide value to candidates and optimise their engagement with your business.

El sistema publica la vacante en más sitios, haciéndola más visible y reduciendo los costes de publicación

Have access to the best candidates using big data in social networks

Use different social networks to look for the best candidate, and big data will provide you those which best adjust to your profile.

Effortlessly peek into different social networks, both generic ones and those specific for your business.

El sistema esta diseñado para respetar los requisitos legales de la GDPR

GDPR friendly

Every candidate data you get are always under the GDPR statements. You and your company are safe and ready for any audit, while use state-of-the-art technology to optimise your recruitment process.

Usando las redes sociales se podrán alcanzar nuevos candidatos que están fuera de tu alcance.

Communicate to people which are beyond your range of action

Reinforce your Employer Brand sending messages beyond your first network, widen your scenario and capture attention both for future candidates and potential clients.

Use videos, chatbots, any communication channel to ensure the best candidate experience.

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