RPO Solution.
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Ready for the Talent

Complete functionality designed to work with several clients and different hiring strategies. You will make your clients more competitive.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing specialized

We pair our clients in each step, to their project’s success.

Agile and flexible

Gain your competitors with a system to externalise projects agile and rapidly.

Ready for the future

Enjoy a constant evolution system, which adapts to each market needs and further revolution.

El sistema específico para consultoras de selección ayuda a los reclutadores a tener una comunicación fluida y personalizada con los candidatos.

Candidate Relationship Management

Our system allows you to classify your candidates by client or re-use candidates from the past. You will be able to configurate automated communications to agile all your recruitment processes.

This system is developed for teamwork and collaboration with other recruiters and managers, so you can take best advantage of your resources.

El reclutador puede hacer un seguimiento de los procesos de los diferentes clientes.

Processes follow-on

You will have as many sites as you need and will be able to follow each progress through customised panels per project/site.

In addition, each site can have different procedures, depending on each of your client’s needs.

El sistema es capaz de gestionar los procesos de onboarding de sus diferentes clientes.


Facilitate your client’s new employees on-boarding with our solution, completely adapted to outsourcing of hiring processes.

Or you can also offer wider services to your client, using this feature as a relocation service.

El sistema realiza un análisis a la medida del reclutador. Su analítica puede ser por fuentes de reclutamiento, clientes, etc...


Discover what is important to each of your clients, in terms of recruitment, or just analyse it with a global point of view.

You will foster profitability of each of the accounts you manage, because with this information you will optimise your clients campaigns.

You will also generate your SLA reports both for you and your clients.

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